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Brad Miller

Before The Habits of Health & Take Shape For Life at a young age I had horrible eating habits. I didnt know how to properly fuel my body, I was gaining weight and I wasnt happy about it. I thought the only way you stay in shape is by exercising it off and I tried that. As much as 5 times a week in the gym and I still managed to gain 21 pounds in just over a couple of years and I can tell you it wasnt muscle. So I decided to go on the program that helped my family lose over 2,000 pounds combined. Not only did I lose my weight 21 pounds in 3 weeks, but I learned how to eat correctly so I feel better every day and give my body what it needs.

You see, I was going down a bad path that would have easily found me in the overweight category just a few years down the road. Thank you to Dr. As Habits of Health Lifestyle, I know how to give my body everything I need, not only so I feel better and maintain my weight, but so I can live till Im 120 and be as healthy as I am now when I am 70. Its more than just eating right and exercising. Its about stress levels and proper sleep. Everything that the body needs to hedge the affects of the every day issues that can throw us off track. Not only that, but we are tied to fantastic medically formulated portion control meal plan that has given me a tool to supplement my healthy eating and make it easy to manage my daily routine no matter where I go. I dont have to fall victim to all the bad choices out there because I have something that can go with me everywhere and help me get 100% of what my body needs in addition to the organic healthy food options we ingest every day That is truly the difference and now I show others how to do the same thing I have done.

The power of this program is amazing and we cannot wait to pass on our knowledge to our kids and start a new generation of healthy eaters from the get go - Brad Miller