Guest Profile

Bradley Waldrop

You may have heard Bradley Waldrop hosting Business Integrity Matters Radio, seen him on television, or watched him present to a group. However, you may not realize that Bradley is a distinguished civil engineer and business operations specialist.

All this experience has prepared him for his new role in life - to help others practically apply a biblical worldview to their business through writing, speaking, consulting, coaching and training. While this adventure started when he was a teenager, it was accelerated when Andrea, his wife, suggested that God was trying to move the family from Southern California.

Since Andrea heard that still small voice it has been a complete mixture of blessings and challenges. That whisper turned into a distinct call to relocate to the mountains on the other side of the United States. Since relocating his family to Western North Carolina, Bradley has been overwhelmed by the growth of Business Integrity Matters Radio and television. He continues to say that each day is filled with simple acts of obedience by one broken man.

While he doesn't have everything figured out and he still struggles with his own sin, he has an abundant appreciation for God's grace and mercy in his life. Until called to do something else, Bradley is excited to be along side business owners, ministries leaders, and faithful workers as God tells His story through His people at work.