Guest Profile

Brenda Kearley

Brenda Kearley is a loving and devoted mom of four daughters. Her first born were identical twin girls with her 3rd daughter arriving only 18 months later and her 4th daughter 11 years from her first born girls. Brenda was living in gorgeous British Columbia for 13 years and she returned to Ontario in 2006. She now resides in Woodstock ON where she is raising her youngest daughter who is in her first year of high school. Brenda is very excited to see her youngest daughter navigate high school and blossom into a confident, loving, independent young woman. 
Brenda is also a seasoned Real Estate Agent who is passionate about  buying, selling and investing for the past 25 years both personally and professionally.  She brings a wealth of information to her clients from her experiences in ON and BC and has secured many wonderful sales and acquisitions over the years. Brenda has recently branched into the world of pre-construction sales in Real Estate which she is very much enjoying! There are so many facets to this industry in which she always eager to explore, learn and gain knowledge from. This in turn, gives her the opportunity to share with her clients.
Brenda has long been someone who has had "experiences" with her intuition and gifts over the years. Although she has a very solid grounding in real estate and her career, she has been gifted with a very high level of intuitiveness ever since she was a young girl. Throughout the years Brenda has had several unique experiences and encounters telepathically and intuitively. She can at times communicate with animals, and has the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. She dabbles in reading tarot cards and often gets messages downloaded which she relays to those who are open to what she is receiving for them. 
Brenda first came in contact with OM through a friend who was taking Heal Your Life Coaching with Tanya. Her friend generously gifted Brenda with four sessions of Heal Your Life Coaching and she was hooked. Later Brenda started coming to OM for Reiki sessions which have been beneficial in opening up her heart and all her chakras. Tanya is an exceptionally gifted healer with her Reiki skills. The Reiki sessions have allowed any energy blocks to be removed and new exciting energy to flow to Brenda. Brenda has also attended many meditations and readings with Tanya over the past 2-3 years. The affirmations and teachings of Louise Hay that are passed on through Tanya during all her modalities of healing, have benefited Brenda's personal, spiritual and work life immensely.
Brenda is pleased to be able to share some of her experiences and knowledge of first hand classes and sessions with OM as well as sharing some of her own unique understandings and beliefs of the Law of Attraction and Louise Hay teachings. Through Brenda's own past hardships, she can testify that having the inner knowledge that things are always working out for her highest good and sitting in that knowing has helped her heal and grow as a human being, especially with the guidance and coaching of Tanya at OM.