Guest Profile

Brenda St. Louis

Brenda St. Louis, RMT, CST, CRMW, is the founder of Know That You Know, creator of the Debt into Delight Intensive, contributing author to The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, and an international speaker on consciousness and transformation. As an explorer of turning on every area in her life, Brenda has studied with numerous successful leaders exploring the elements of wealth consciousness and receiving. She presently runs three companies and as an online coach she continually inspires others to create an intimacy with their money, their bodies, and their lives.

As an actor, clown, speaker, massage therapist and online coach, Brenda uses unique tools and techniques that ask questions and create different possibilities, such as: Are you financially turned on? Are there places in your life that need to be turned on more? What if you were, spiritually, emotionally, physically, sexually, mentally and financially turned on? What change could you create on this planet?

As founder of Know That You Know, Brenda's platform empowers people to connect with their inner knowing. Using many of the tools she's acquired she continues to ignite awareness by turning on the body. As a 14 year-old, Brenda had a cycling accident that resulted in years of chronic pain in her body, divorcing herself from any sense of power or potency with her body. The long journey back to her body has unleashed an awareness of how much the body knows and how it can facilitate ease and wealth in all areas of our lives.

In all her teachings she invites participants to create an intimacy with their bodies. She proposes that this is one of the ways of receiving more currency and joy in our lives. What if your body was always turned on? How much money would you be willing to receive? How much joy is possible?

Join Brenda on this adventure of intimacy in her ongoing series, Getting Intimate with Your Digits. Check out more details on her website