Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Coping with the "New Normal": Staying Mentally Healthy during Social Isolation with Julia King

Guest Profile

Brian Gracon

Brian is the originator and author of “Meconomics® 101: 16 Ways to Improve Your Marketing, Selling and Business Management for Today’s Consumers” (Black Rose Writing, 2016). He has also designed over 75 training programs in his 20 years of training strategy and instructional design experience. Brian has extensive experience consulting with clients to develop marketing and training strategies, designing and facilitating training, presenting seminars and keynotes, managing projects, leading teams of instructional designers, training other trainers, and delivering video presentations.

His programs and facilitation skills engage any audience. Brian’s training programs have been internationally recognized for results and creativity, including a 2015 Brandon Hall Bronze Excellence in Learning award. 


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