Guest Profile

Brian Rohr

Brian Rohr is a Storyteller, Writer, Poet and Healing Arts Practitioner who resides in the Pacific Northwest a land of constant rain, Evergreen trees, mountains and the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In 2007, Brian left his hometown of Chicago and moved to Port Townsend, WA to study with Mythologist and Master Storyteller Daniel Deardorff.
For over a year, before his first public performance, Brian went deep within, studying, learning, observing and absorbing all he could about the art. He learned what it meant to be a Story-Carrier the ability to live with the stories, letting them grow inside and inform one how to be a human being, i.e. learning through the ways of the oral tradition.
Simultaneous to this, he also learned the sacred art of calling a ritual fire in an old way using flint and steel. This was to help form a deeper relationship with Fire, who is said to be the carrier of ALL the stories. The point of these teachings was to learn to have a relationship with the stories and the deep responsibility that relationship is. In the winter of 2008, Brian had his first public storytelling performance and since that time has shared myth and stories with national and international audiences.

As a storyteller, Brian focuses on the old stories the myths, folktales and fairy tales from many different cultures, knowing that these old stories are alive, vital and can inform us on how to live our lives as authentic human beings, helping to make sense and meaning of the living world we are a part of.

Brian is an active Board Member of the Mythsinger Foundation and is still living in Port Townsend, WA where he spends much of his time with his beloved wife Sarah and continues his study with his mentor.