Guest Profile

Bridget Shaheen

Bridget Shaheen is a tireless advocate for the poor and needy. She is fed by her deep sense of living ministry and commitment to bring the gospel message of dignity and hope to all served by Lazarus House Ministries. During her tenure as Executive Director, Bridget has established programs that give people the opportunity to stabilize and move out of poverty. These include two residences for people living with AIDS: one for families and one for individuals; an ESL and Work Force Prep Program for people with low English and working skills, a Cleaning Company and Food Service internship program that provide initial employment skills building and a Transitional Housing complex that serves 20 families supporting them to establish a foundation for their lives to move out of poverty.

Lazarus House Ministries provides a multiplex of services including those mentioned above plus an emergency shelter, soup kitchen and food pantry and three thrift stores. They rely solely on private funding and are blessed to be supported so generously by volunteers, donors and a dedicated staff.