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Know Your Crazy with Susan Denee: Emotional recovery in the raw: Uprooting Limiting Beliefs

Guest Profile

Brittany Miles

Brittany Miles is a technology veteran with 20+ years at Fortune 100 companies. After her child needed full-time care due to mental illness, she discovered that she couldn't control everything and everyone. She learned a similar lesson in 2016 when she lost her home and job opportunities. Britt thought she had mastered surrender until the Universe proved otherwise. Her child's illness was a wake-up call to get deeper into surrender and she let the Universe guide her steps. This led to her becoming a Spiritual Life Coach and now hosting her own radio show. Britt is excited to share how she got from "the dark night of the soul" to a life of freedom and happiness. Listen to learn how to use Milestones to guide your path.

A healer, speaker, and author, and her message to you is Surrender to Life. Using surrender principles, she teaches that all you can do in each moment is to surrender. If you hold on, you can’t let new and better things come into your life. Brittany shares how she gained a release from suffering by telling her own story of how she lost everything she thought was important to her..