Guest Profile

Brooke Fox

The Ladies Room
Richard Pryor once said Art is the ability to tell the truth about your self. Holding this quote in one hand and a microphone in the other, Brooke Fox and Monti Carlo have created a radio show that is a first of its kind in Seattle. The Ladies Room with Brooke and Monti, is the only morning show hosted by women in Seattles history.

About Brooke
Brooke began her radio career at KZZU in Spokane, WA hosting am drive and has been lucky enough to remain in the Northwest doing morning radio at KKRZ in Portland, OR and now Seattle. She is a bold all American tomboy that is passionate about her friends, her family and new adventures. The 20-something is a former hip hop dance instructor, an outdoor enthusiast and she can drink grown men under the table in a heartbeat. She lives in a house on Queen Anne Hill with her 3 crazy roommates.

About Monti
Monti began her radio career in 2000, when she was hired in her batman pajamas to work mornings at WZGC Atlanta. She is a neurotic Puerto Rican comic with a heart of gold and an anger management problem. The 30-something is a former model, has written comic books and used to scream in a punk band. She lives on the eastside with her husband Billy Wayne Davis, her baby boy Danger Davis and her dog Chewy Chew-Chew.