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Bruce Rawles

Bruce Rawles has sought the rhyme and reason of life's mysteries, both seen and unseen, from an early age. His "networker" mother continues to delve into metaphysical and esoteric realms sharing her love of "inner spaces," and his pragmatic father, sharing his love of the outdoors, provided an opportunity to appreciate the natural world.

Within this context, Bruce's life continues to be a quest for the synthesis of "heart" and "head" approaches, the integration of alternative and mainstream paradigms; and the reconciliation of the sacred with commonplace. His &64257;rst book, Sacred Geometry Design Source book, offers a hands-on approach to &64257;nding interconnectedness by exploring patterns. His second book, The Geometry Code, turns the exploration inward to the mind. Here dualistic paradoxes are resolved by bringing awareness of natural laws and universal symbols to our shared interests and the teacher of unconditional kindness we all have in common. More at: