Guest Profile

Bryan Douglas

Bryan Douglas is 29 years old, lives in Pittsburgh, and is trying to make a difference in the world using youtube, and now in the form of a book. Doing Good Works Small Acts That Make a Big Difference.

"Pay it forward" is a familiar concept, however, Bryan Douglas decided to take the idea to heart like few people do. He actually went looking for people who needed help on Craiglist of all places. When he found five people who sincerely needed help, he hopped into his car and off he went. He drove over 1,000 miles, to Chicago and back, delivered a car battery, gave a lift to a stranger, dismantled a swing set, cleared out a demolished bathroom and delivered fresh clothing to a local charity that serves the homeless. And when he got back to Pittsburgh, Bryan Douglas, which is not his real name, did what any sensible 21st-century person would do: he told his story on Youtube.

His story traveled all over the Internet. The exhilaration and experience changed his life and positively impacted the lives of others. The positive feedback and immense interest was so strong and personally invigorating that he decided to do what he could to inspire and motivate other people to simply get out there and help other needy people. So he wrote a book.