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Budge Brown

Budge Brown and Cleavage Creek Wines - Don't let the name throw you off. Cleavage Creek is owned by Budge Brown who lost his wife of 48 years to breast cancer. Mr. Brown obtained the Cleavage Creek label after deciding that he wanted to fight the disease and raise awareness so that others would not suffer as his wife had.

Budge Brown released his first Cleavage Creek wines on October 15, 2007. His second wine release took place on October 4th, 2008. Cleavage Creek wines have won numerous awards in international, national, and regional competitions: 22 medals won thus far in 2009. These are seriously good wines doing seriously good work. The next release of new wines will be on October 1st, 2009.

Dedicated to fighting breast cancer, Brown and Cleavage Creek donate 10% of gross wine sales to breast cancer research. At least 10% was the original commitment. Brown have far exceeded that number, reaching deep into his own pocks to bolster the contributions made by Cleavage Creek. Over 55,800 has been contributed to efforts to fight breast cancer. Most recently, Cleavage Creek has funded a new Integrative Oncology Research Center for breast cancer at Bastyr University.

On each bottle of Cleavage Creek is the image of a breast cancer survivor -- her story is told at the Cleavage Creek website. Carson Daly's mom Pattie Daly Caruso appeared on 2 bottles of Cleavage Creek wines in 2007. Former Entertainment Tonight producer Noreen Fraser will be on the next release this October. These ladies are not paid to do this, but they lend their time and experiences to our efforts. A total of 20 breast cancer survivors will have appeared on the Budge Brown era of Cleavage Creek wines as of this October.

In a time when about all we hear news wise is negative, this is a wonderfully positive story, amazing what one determined 76 year old man can do