Guest Profile

Camille L. Miller, PhD ABA MBA

Recognized as the pioneer of the Soul Professional Movement, Camille Miller is an international speaker, seasoned executive, business strategist, and PSYCH-K facilitator. She is also the Founder and Chief Visionary of the Natural Life Business Partnership, a global professional organization for visionary CEOs, Business Owners, and leaders who are passionate about their purpose and wish to co-create with others that think and lead from their soul. Camille is the creator and hosts of the weekly podcast Six-Figure Souls: Doing Good and Making Money®, which highlights soul-aligned entrepreneurs who crushed the six-figure ceiling and still feel in alignment with the Universe and their purpose. She also recently released her debut book, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business which hit Amazon Bestseller status in six categories including Starting a Business and Personal Transformation & Spirituality. 


Camille’s private work as has had great results with high caliber individuals wanting to marry who they are with what they do or wanting to overcome resistance, fear, and limiting beliefs ultimately unlocking their conscious wisdom creating the life and business they truly love. Her mission is to guide and support you to align your SOUL with your WORK and help you achieve PURPOSE BEYOND PROFIT. 


As a speaker, Camille consistently delivers powerful and engaging talks about the Role of Soul in Business. She moves audiences to awaken their financial and spiritual potential and to operate from a place authenticity, in both business and in life. Camille believes there is no great secret to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with your soul’s purpose. There is, however, a need to shift your mindset to get there. 

Camille is single mom of 3 amazing creatives. She currently lives in New Jersey and shines as a beacon of light for others wherever she goes.