Guest Profile

Candi Wuhrman M.A.

Candi Wuhrman is a Board Certified Jewish and Interreligious Chaplain, Spiritual Counselor, Transformational Healing Coach, and Writer.

Candi guides individuals and families through death, dying, grief, loss, and trauma, and assists them into greater connection, healing, and spiritual transformation. Candi has served as a hospice, hospital, and prison chaplain with death, dying, grief, loss, and trauma as her specialties. She holds a bachelor’s in Communications, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and a Masters in Jewish Theology.

She now has a private practice in chaplaincy, counseling, and coaching practice called Sacred Work with Candi. Candi creates a divine sacred experience that allows individuals and families to share their heart, soul, sorrow, and joy, facilitates meaningful end of life conversations, and assists them in the spiritual transformation of life and death.  

Candi says, “Death is a process not an event and the spiritual journey is a progression of shedding the old and coming into the new—again and again.” In the sacred work of grief healing, we find the gems of spiritual transformation. Candi is currently writing her first book, MoxieFinding Courage, Strength, Determination, and Love through Grief which will be published with Sacred Life Publishing in 2021. 

Candi loves connecting with the Divine in the amazing Oregon trees, mountains, and rivers on her outdoor adventures with her husband, Arnie.