Guest Profile

Cari Murphy

Cari Murphy has over 17 years of experience in counseling psychology, combined with over 5 years of life and business coaching through her company, Empowerment Coaching Solutions. Her experience combined with a deeply intuitive gift heightened after her near death experience years ago, Cari is driven to support her clients in clearing their energetic blocks, heightening their intuitive abilities, shifting their perspective to allow for phenomenal new levels of success, and manifesting the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual rewards their soul deserves.

Cari is also an Award Winning, Best Selling Author and Poet, having published 5 books in the fields of Spirituality, Personal Development and Inspiration, including her Best Belling book, CREATE CHANGE NOW: Reflections for Personal Transformation. Cari is an International Talk Radio Host leading her Create Change Now Radio Show to worldwide success and rave reviews with over 200,000