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Guest Profile

Carl Bozeman

Carl Bozeman has always been spiritually connected and driven to know the higher purposes of our existence on Earth. Over his lifetime he has sometimes felt haunted by the "otherness" we routinely fail to comprehend in the hustle and bustle of our lives. In 2006, Carl had a profound trans-formative experience that changed the way he viewed his life. He discovered that, that "otherness" was the divine self, the God, that exists within each of us.

Since that time, he has devoted his life to sharing this new awareness with those searching for a similar knowing. Carl is deeply committed to providing guidance to those who are looking for something greater than that which we have all been conditioned to accept as being all there is.

As a spiritual pioneer, Carl provides new ways to inspire, uplift and challenge everyone to see through the limiting illusion they accept as life - to challenge their beliefs and all limiting behaviors in such a way that a new awareness surrounds them; an eternal awareness where no boundary exists. Carl's work, the essence of everything he does, is to get YOU out of your mind and into a "knowing" that "YOU" are the creative center of the universe. Indeed you are God.