Guest Profile

Carly Penfold

Carly Penfold is a holistic entrepreneur, practitioner, and tarot card reader. She founded the ‘Holistic Market & Psychic Fair’ in 2015 and has held over 40 live events supporting the holistic community throughout the BC Interior in Canada. When COVID closed the doors of the in-person events, Carly returned to her teaching, and now offers a 'Holistic Healing Immersion' program for people looking for holistic healing solutions. On the faculty of the Metaphysical School, Carly teaches an online series for common ailments. Her first experience with meridians was when she was 14 and her Mom took her to see an acupuncturist to reduce her acne. This introduction to alternative therapies became a life-long journey for Carly culminating in a desire to share what she’s learned and connect people with alternative and holistic therapies. Carly finds the effectiveness of healing and self-care is optimized when both the physical AND energetic bodies are supported. In search of remedies for her family’s health… including thyroid support, anaphylactic food allergies, and Autism… she has explored multiple healing modalities and even became a Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner.