Guest Profile

Carol CJ Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones is an award-winning author and photographer of the book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, an inspirational speaker, a forgiveness coach, and most recently, a radio talk show host of the program Transform Into Forgiveness. She is an expert in how to discover forgiveness and works with men and women to overcome their anger and resentment. She is uniquely qualified to speak and coach on this topic, as she, herself, has found forgiveness after 38 years of extreme anger and bitterness toward her parents for her upbringing.

Prior to her work as an author, speaker, and coach, Carolyn was a registered nurse for 27 years. In that capacity, she was able to put her caring and compassionate nature to work for others. Then, in the early 2000s, Carolyn evolved from living on a sailboat for three years to landlubber, from married for 20 years to single, from working as a nurse to author, photographer, speaker, and coach, from drinking herself into oblivion every night for years to sober, and from living for three years in a van she gutted and rebuilt in cherrywood, to home owner.

Each of these experiences has transformed Carolyn into the vastly different person she is from ten years ago. She now views even the negative experiences of her life as beneficial in shaping that person you will hear from today.