Guest Profile

Carol Pilkington

Carol Pilkington had certain life-changing experiences at an early age which have become a light on her path that guides her through life. She writes, I remember vividly the moment when I experienced simultaneously being in/out of my body, empty/full, being all that was around me without separation. It was the first time that I had experienced what I now have come to know as the state of non-duality. This propelled her on a life-long journey to discover what that spontaneous experience really meant and to answer the question of how that incredible state could be attained and made more permanent. This, in turn, led her to question the nature of existence and to deeply inquire into questions such as, Is there a purpose to Life and if so, what is it? and How and where do I fit?

Over the years Carol has discovered that the answers are and have always been within her and that her task is to find ways to access these. Some answers have come through a direct experience of Grace, while many others have been through experiences with the many people who have taught her so much throughout life. She is grateful and humbled to be traveling this journey.

One of the oldest Zen traditions is asking essence questions and combining it with open verbal communication called partner assisted contemplation. Carol has dedicated her life to working with others that long to experience their own true nature and live from joy and with happiness that does not come from external stimulation. She is on the Board of Directors of the Sher School of Wisdom and Sher Institute of Astrology in Los Angeles, CA.