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Carol Singleton

In Carols words: The book says, The Lifeforce Plan A Dynamic Plan for Health, Vitality, and Weight Loss and that is exactly true. My husband and I did the Lifeforce Plan from August through December, 2007, and we both experienced health, vitality and weight loss. We will gladly continue this plan on a maintenance program.

This plan is simple and easy to understand. There is no counting, measuring, or weighing of food. It is a Candida eradication program that has many positive side effects. Yes, I am a sugar addict and after only a few days on the Lifeforce Plan, the cravings were gone and I realized what a freedom it is to not be controlled by sugar cravings.

We experienced several health benefits from being on the LifeForce Plan. The one that was most outwardly recognized was weight loss. I experienced an incredible reduction in edema around the ankles and lower legs caused by water retention. I saw my shinbones for the first time in many years. Inwardly we both experienced remarkable results as well. I had been experiencing high blood pressure and now have reduced blood pressure readings in the normal and below-normal ranges I also noticed a clearing of brain fog that can be so frustrating. Blaine had a significant reduction in cholesterol and is weaning off medication thank goodness. We have both experienced increased energy. My exercise of choice is tennis and in the four months on the plan my game improved considerably Blaines preferred exercise is to run on the treadmill and he increased his mileage without struggle. Dr. Jeff McCombs says all of these results are typical of what he has been seeing from his patients that do the LifeForce Plan.

I would not have imagined that I could lose 15 pounds in 16 weeks with such little effort. This program has allowed us to change bad eating habits and create new ones. I have tried several other weight loss programs that did not help me develop new habits and I eventually gained all the weight back again. I will continue a maintenance program to lose 15 more pounds and Blaine will continue to maintain his weight loss.

The LifeForce Plan is an excellent program. Candida causes so many health issues and I am confident that this program can be the answer to many peoples health issues through getting rid of Candida.

Please listen to the archive shows for my updates during the plan.