Guest Profile

Caroline Patrick BorNei

Caroline Patrick BorNei is a Master Feng Shui Educator, certified Feng Shui practitioner, professional artist, writer, author and healer. Her abilities as an artist were recognized at the early age of five, as she sculpted exceptional figures with a simple oil based clay. Continuing her studies over the years she became an art instructor, teaching for several colleges in the Western States of America.

The more Caroline learned the more she shared, such as, art techniques, herbal medicine making and Feng Shui principles.. As the classes grew she opened an art gallery and Feng Shui store, called "Caroline's Arts and Feng Shui Shoppe" in Benica, California in the 1990's and continued to teach art, Feng Shui Principles and herbal medicine making 101. The business grew quickly as the Chi of the shop pulled people into this unusual store. Her clients begin calling her "The Feng Shui Puzzle Master" for her quick insight to Feng Shui problems and friends dubbed Caroline, "The Feng Shui Cowgirl" giving quick answers in record time and sometimes unorthodox ways.

Caroline continues to educate students and clients in an easy to understand, sometimes with humor or revealing a "secret of secrets" to the class. Her paintings hang in private collections, on company walls in the form of murals. Her images are known to change the Chi of any space and the Chi of those who view her art. She works with architects designing Feng Shui friendly dwellings, for clients who desire peaceful living environments. As a weekly newspaper columnist for fourteen years, her column called "West Meets East," changing readers lives, one week at a time though storytelling. She recently closed this chapter as a newspaper columnist and is now writing for a Sonoma Life magazine and just released her new book Diary of a Feng Shui Consultant on Amazon and Kindle.

Caroline currently lives in Sonoma, California, known as 'The Valley of the Moon,' a magical place, to write, paint and give consultations. China is the home of her heart and she travels to this place as often as possible, where the study of Feng Shui or the balance of Wind and Water begin.