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Guest Profile

Carolyn Esparza

Carolyn Esparza, MSW, LPC - Founder and Executive Director of Community Solutions of El Paso.

A masters level social worker and Licensed Professional Counselor with over thirty years experience in counseling and administration of social service organizations, Ms. Esparza has a special concern for individuals, youth and families experiencing recurrent behaviors interfering with personal success. She has developed the Trouble Bubble and the Trouble Bubble Game as interventions for interrupting troubled behaviors. Her practical, interactive workshops for youth, families and professionals are motivating and esteeming. She provides workshops and clinical consultation and training for social service professionals.

Her book, "The Parenting Business: Hindsight is 20/20," provides help to parents struggling with parenting challenges. Newly released, Ms. Esparza has co-authored the book The Unvarnished Truth about the Prison Family Journey with current Texas prisoner, Phillip Don Yow, Sr.