Guest Profile

Carolyn Gross

Carolyn Gross helps individuals and organizations rise above the chaos and avoid burnout during crisis situations. Her programs help people manage chaos with confidence and gravitate to health. She is an award winning Speaker, Author and Executive Coach as seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV. Her expertise in crisis management helps people address challenges from corporate restructuring, career reinvention or the fall out from an unexpected health crisis. She is the Creator Of Rise Above the Chaos Leadership Series from her two decades of research on helping people in crisis and critical care situations. Her wellness & health books include: Rise Above the Chaos, Managing Chaos with Confidence, Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos: How to Keep Positive in an Unsettled World, Treatable and Beatable: Healing Cancer without Surgery. Her customized Online programs revive and renew leadership reservoirs of strength with compassion, resiliency, and confidence. Visit or for more information.