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  12/06/2013      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Carrie Lafferty discusses how you can have Resilience with a Capital R, and Catamara Rosarium shares the Sacred Mysteries of Scent and Smoke.

Guest Profile

Carrie Lafferty

Carrie Lafferty has been in the healing arts exploring her own inner world and guiding others to do the same for over 26 years. She received her BS in Physical Therapy in 1985, Feldenkrais Certification in 1994, Qi Gong Master program with Ling Gui International Healing Qi Gong School in 2010 and has studied core shamanism with Michael Harner, Nicki Scully and indigenous shamans in Guatemala, Mexico, China & Tibet.

She has maintained a Vipassana based mindfulness meditation practice for over 15 years. Carrie has a healing practice in Seattle which focuses on awareness based practices for connecting to your own inner healer and guide.


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