Guest Profile

Cecilia Gomez-Lara

This Brownsville native started her coffee journey at 19 as a barista in Houston Texas at Diedrich's Coffee and fell in love with the art of coffee. Though the job was to support her life as an art student, she discovered the creative process of building a gorgeous coffee. This love of coffee and art expanded as Cecilia worked at a few other establishments, stepping into abundance and the freedom to create her signature brews. This decade-long dedication to her craft was a multi-city journey and eventually brought her back to Brownsville and while other occupations took up her time, she continued to dedicate energy into the multi-layered art of paying homage to the bean. Cecilia handroasts her carefully curated Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance beans and knows the origin of all her offerings, from crop to cup. Cecilia's loving intention is poured into each bag of beans and you can feel and see the change in each customer at the first sip!