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Guest Profile

Chef Rossi

Rossi (aka Chef Rossi)

Rossi has written for The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out New York and Mcsweeney's. She is the writer of the "Eat Me" column for Bust magazine, hosts a hit radio show on WOMR in Cape Cod called "Bite This,” has been featured on "The Food Network" and "NPR” and is a popular blogger for “The Huffington Post.”

She is the owner and executive chef of "The Raging Skillet," a cutting-edge catering company known for breaking all the rules.

In 2015 Rossi’s first memoir; The Raging Skillet/The True Life Story of Chef Rossi was published to rave reviews. “The Raging Skillet” was adapted for the stage in 2017 and has been touring the country ever since.

Rossi has just completed her second memoir “Queen of the Jews.”

She has written two full length plays, a bounty of short plays and has just completed her one-woman stage adaptation of “Queen of the Jews.”



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