Guest Profile

Cherie Gorringe

Cherie Gorringe, founder of Evolve Your Health Natural Medicine Clinic, is a NHAA registered Naturopathic Clinician, Epigenetic Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Public Educator and Mother of two who has been involved the wellness industry for over 15 years. Operating within an integrative, functional and holistic framework, Cherie loves uncovering the root cause of imbalance or illness and assisting people on their journey to wellness. Cherie's interest in nature's medicine was inspired by her mother, who commonly mixed up natural brews and potions to fortify the family. Cherie's learnings came as a result of having to navigate her own way out of a severe personal health challenge when doctors had no answers. This experience drives her desire and dedication to promote and provide access to the healing power of Nature for all. 


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