Guest Profile

Chris Majer

Chris Majer is the founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project. HP2 is an organization that is dedicated to the design and development of leading edge individual and organizational performance technologies. He is an entrepreneur, innovator, adventurer, and a former competitive athlete.

Over two decades ago he started working with athletes to isolate and reproduce the elements of performance that enabled consistent winning. He founded a company and quickly began doing leading edge work in the realm of human performance. His success with Olympic and professional athletes caught the attention of the government and he and his team spent three years teaching the US Army new ways for training soldiers and officers.

His progressive work in bringing the mind/body/spirit elements of human performance together with pioneering work on organizational design, strategic thinking, and practices for build world-class teams has made him a nationally known authority on leadership, performance development, and organizational transformation. Over the years he has worked with some of the leading companies in the country; AT&T, INTEL, Microsoft, Nike, EDS, McKinsey & Company, Capital One, Citibank, American Airlines, Amgen, and Cargill to develop innovative breakthrough approaches to business challenges.

He is the author of 20 white papers on various aspects of leadership, management, strategic thinking, organizational design, and the author of The Power to Transform, an innovative new book published by Rodale. The book enable individuals to genuinely transform their lives by interacting with others on a web site specifically designed to facilitate authentic learning.

Majers approach to leadership training and his innovative designs for organizational futures have been featured in Time, Esquire, Business Month, Leaders Magazine and The Singapore Times. He has been profiled on the Today Show, CBS Nightwatch, McNeil/Lehrer Newshour, Financial News Network and in other national and local media.