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  06/03/2010      10:00 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: There is a Holistic Alternative to treat and inhibit cancer and other diseases - author Christian Wilde discusses these alternatives

Guest Profile

Christian Wilde

Author/researcher Christian Wilde spent five years researching why 50% of all heart attacks happened to people with normal cholesterol. The research culminated in his book Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke inflammation, cardiologys new frontier and was endorsed by the directors of Preventive Cardiology at 5 major universities. His Christian Wilde Stem Cell and Turmeric Research Report documents breakthroughs in stem cell research for more than 80 catastrophic diseases and the science of how and why turmeric is an effective alternative cancer treatment. Wilde's follow-up book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, follows and documents the ongoing FDA trials for congestive heart failure and how, for the first time in medical history, patients are transitioning from near death to recovery with a one-time, minimally-invasive stem cell procedure. Wildes contributors are the eight leading world FDA directors of cardiovascular stem cell therapy at their major universities.


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