Guest Profile

Christine Lewicki

Christine Lewicki is the Author of "Jarrte de Rler" AKA I stop complaining a French Bestseller, more than 80 000 copy sold, already translated in Spanish, Italian, Japanese and soon Chinese. she is currently seeking a publisher in the US. Her book has been ranked number 2 after "The Secret" in the self-help section for many months in France.

She is also an inspired and inspiring speaker, blogger and nomade Entrepreneur. She has clients in the US, Canada and Europe. Her work has received many accolades from the media, her clients and peers.

Christine has been featured on the first page of and the huffington post as well as on numerous national magazines, including Le Figaro, Elle and Marie-Claire in France. She also appeared several times on National Television and radio shows.

In addition she is a wife and the mother of three beautiful young children. She lives in sunny Los Angeles California. Her life is busy and rich.