The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Creating Your Financial Freedom with Dianne Solano & Special Guest Limor Markman

Guest Profile

Christine Marie Peters

Christine Marie and Julie Peters are mother and daughter. They are the
radio co-hosts of the popular podcast "Life with The Girlfriends" and
Certified Life Coaches.

Christine Marie also has her Masters Degree in Counseling, is a Certified Prosperity Guide, and has Certificates in Addiction, Grief Counseling, Self-Esteem Elevation for both Children and Adults, and Life Optimization.

Julie is a teacher and business owner. She is certified in Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Self-Esteem Elevation in both children and adults.

Their company develops and distributes educational, inspirational, and motivational materials to educate, uplift, and inspire. At their core, they consider themselves to be from that proud, noble and long lineage of Householders, and love sharing their folksy wisdom so that everyone can have a better, happier, and more joyful, playful and prosperous life.


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