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Guest Profile

Christine Upchurch

Christine Upchurch, M.S. is an award-winning leader, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, workshop presenter, spiritual myth buster, Vibration of Change™ creator and coach, and host of the nationally syndicated The Christine Upchurch Show now in its seventh year. She has been a featured guest on radio shows across North America and has taught thousands around the globe. Christine, who has been called “the best radio host ever,” also supports authors and entrepreneurs in getting their messages out more successfully through one-on-one coaching as well as with her program Become a Best Guest: How to Interview More Effectively on Radio and Podcasts.

Christine’s upcoming book is entitled The Top 20 Myths about Spirituality, which challenges some of the well-established beliefs within the consciousness community so that we can “get real” about our spiritual nature. She is passionate about helping people to shift their perspective so that they can embrace a more expansive way of living. Author and legendary human potential leader Dr. Jean Houston calls Christine “a midwife of souls.”


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