Guest Profile

Chuck Estin

Chuck Estin has lived with his wife Judy on a fifth-acre on south Bainbridge Island, Washington for 29 years, harvesting food from 30 fruit trees, chickens, vegetable beds and his Lytle Beach community garden.

Chuck received his Ph.D. in molecular biology and directed biotech labs in Seattle for 6 years. He moved into teaching high school science, incorporating his passions in gardening, solar greenhouses, systems theory and backpacking. He became a school change consultant for five years afterwards.

Chuck incorporates his research science background, and years as an educator and school restructuring consultant, to apply natural systems principles to help his community transition to a more sustainable future.

He has been designing perennial polyculture food systems and native plant ecosystems for the past 6 years. His passion is financial permaculture, designing strategies for localizing community economies using complementary currencies, local investment capital and business incubators.