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Guest Profile

Coach Arnie Fonseca Jr.

Coach Arnie, for more that 40 years, has been an educator, speaker, consultant, business owner and coach, guiding individuals and teams successfully through any physical , mental, emotional or professional problem and adversity.  He is a specialist with overcoming life's challenges, having helped busy professionals and others, attain the clairyt they need to se and achieve their dreams and goals.  Coach Arnie has competed in countless Endurance events over the last 40 years.  Triathalons and marathon racing, both road and trail.  OVer the last ten years he has discovered Ultra running and Adventure events.  Having competed 100 mile desert races and 8 R3 at the Grand Canyon.  Coach Arnie has a burning desire to help individuals discover what's possible in their lives.  By living an Adventurous life!