Guest Profile

Colin Tipping

One of the most popular teachers of our time, Colin Tipping is the creator of what is now recognized as the most powerful leading-edge technology for personal and spiritual growth today - Radical Forgiveness. To this core technology he has added Radical Self-Empowerment, Radical Manifestation and Radical Transformation, all now existing under the umbrella of Radical Living.

In addition to working with individuals, families and groups, he is also taking a specialized form of the Radical Forgiveness technology into corporations and other organizations as a way of resolving and preventing conflict, raising morale and increasing productivity.
The main characteristic of his work is a practical spirituality that is simple, honest, straight-forward and unpretentious. He has a knack of making spiritual issues simple and practical. He believes that spirituality is useless if it cannot be used in a practical way in our everyday life. His books all have a practical side to them as do his workshops.

Tipping travels the globe as a keynote speaker at expos and conferences, including the Spirit at Work Conference, the Association for Global New Thought, the Annual Religious Science International Conference and the Big Sky Metaphysical Retreat.. An accomplished and entertaining speaker, he lectures widely to varying types of audiences and his workshops are renowned as life-changing experiences.

Born and educated in England, Tipping was a professor at London University before emigrating to the United States in 1984. Applying his skills as a teacher and a licensed hypnotherapist, Tipping worked extensively with cancer patients to achieve emotional and spiritual healing. With his wife, JoAnn, he founded the Georgia CancerHelp Program and Together-We-Heal, Inc. He is an ordained interfaith minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.