Guest Profile

Craig Sotkovsky

Craig Sotkovsky is a 9/11 Volunteer at the World Trade Center, lung cancer survivor, professional speaker, real estate investor and mentor who shares his story and inspires others to learn from his mistakes, find their path, and live their dreams. His was not an easy journey. Suffering the shame of sexual abuse during his early childhood, he later struggled with a mind-numbing addiction to narcotics, and would later use his pain and transmute it into victory as he went on to realize world-class success as a Certified Les Brown-Power Voice Summit Speaker

Craig will be your guide to your inner journey. Use his lessons to transform and unleash your ‘I am’. Craig is not a teacher, but rather a facilitator in your awakening, giving you the tools to discover your true essence, your reason for incarnating, and how you can truly live from the heart while expressing your liberated self. Today, it is not only possible but also preferable to step outside of the norm and be yourself, as there is no one else quite like you.

Craig speaks the unspoken and causes paradigm shifts as he inspires people to rise and find out who they truly are and why they are here. He will take you on a journey that will challenge beliefs you hold about yourself, other people, and life. 

He comes to "disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed," to give to those locked in basements of self-pity who are emotionally paralyzed and stuck in apathy a reason to rise. He challenges the ego, which has run so amok that it forgot it is a servant and not a master. 

He uses a mix of humor, inspiration, and poetry to stir people into action, calm fears, and inspire change. He is a dedicated leader who challenges outdated and limiting beliefs, and calls out the contradictions and incongruence between words and actions that hold others back from achieving their full potential.

His message to the world is simple in its complexity: you can overcome your past. He offers his story as inspiration to those with broken spirits and fragmented souls, inspiring everyone to rise up and find out who they truly are.

Craig kicks down barriers to make way for progress. He inspires people to stop ignoring their truth, to listen to their inner voice, and follow it to fulfillment. Everything you seek is seeking you. You know it all, but have just forgotten, and most of it you forgot the day you were born, but he is here to remind you!  He is a powerful messenger to mankind, reminding people that they too can be who they were created to be and not what society has forced them to be. And the most important lesson:  it's never too late!