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Cris Kessler

Cris Kessler

Cris Kessler is a 59 year old MSW who started a new career in Personal training 5 years ago after being a coach for women training for the Danskin and Trek womens only triathlon series. The thrill of participating in and training others for triathlons led her to becoming a Master Trainer for Heart Zones Training and a certified ACE Personal Trainer.

Besides training Cris is co-owner of Cognitive Fitness, LLC a business founded with her writing partner, Marla Fields, to promote their book, Fresh Off the Couch, What you didnt know about fitness makes all the difference.

Her 25 years as a social worker and her work as Adjunct Faculty at the the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Washington gave her a great basis to establish training seminars for both Social Workers & Nurses to get CEUs that improved their clinical skills by helping them to become healthier. In all her work she tries to help people from all walks of life to use their hearts to change their minds about fitness.