Guest Profile

Crystal Promeroy

Crystal Pomeroy has been working intensively as a healer and teaching metaphysics for more than twenty years. She’s a radio and television host and contributes tips on angels, healing, astrology, rituals and prosperity for newspapers and magazines. Crystal’s new book Angels and Goddesses, Manifest your Desires with Angelic Intelligence (Llewellyn 2022) is packed with hundreds of affirmations, invocations and original tips for connecting with light beings and precipitating your powers of manifestation. She also authored the Spanish-language book Los Pergaminos de la Abundancia and a line of self-help audio products. Her YouTube videos have more than 600,000 views.

Synopsis –

In recent decades, millions of people have become attracted to positive thinking, affirmations, visualization and related tools to change their lives and vibration. What most of them are not aware of is, that in world parallel to our own, light beings actively seek to assist our empowerment.   

The tools in this book precipitate a vibrational shift in connection to the 7 archangels. It reveals their roots in goddess traditions, before the advent of institutionalized religion, and shares keys to fuse with their colors and powers; keys that optimize the results of inner work.   

Did you know that Archangel Michael is inextricably entwined with Tibetan warrior goddess Simhamuka, Archangel Gabriel with Virgen Mary-Tonantzin, and Zadquiel with Isis and the Mayan Ixchel? These are just a few of an entire web of sacred feminine forces that are expressed through the archangels, one of several revelations in this title.

Angels and Goddesses, presents a cohesive system of metaphysical techniques adapted from those used by shamans, healers and spiritual guides thousands of years ago, before a global catastrophe and warrior groups all but erased them from the face of the earth. The keys are attractive and easy to integrate into contemporary practices like meditation, affirmation and positive prayer.