Guest Profile

Crystal Williamson

Crystal Williamson is a Certified Life Coach and CEO of Coaching with Crystal LLC. Intention, focus, and action are the crux of Coaching with Crystal LLC. As a transformational business coach, Crystal fosters a safe atmosphere to connect with her clients. She is a partner with her clients to build confidence, cultivate synergy, and expand possibilities. As a keynote/seminar speaker/facilitator, Crystal challenges her audience to focus on their intentions, take the next action the next step, and be responsible for their lives. In her GOALs program, Crystal helps her client's create solid objectives and realize them.

Crystal encourages participants to formulate action steps, allow intermittent distractions, cultivate forgiveness, and persevere in the journey. Crystal has over 20-years experience as a computer trainer and project manager/lead in the corporate world via technology IT. Crystal brings her experience training and mentoring individuals and Fortune 500 companies to her coaching. In addition to coaching, Crystal has a bi-weekly blog on spirituality, She is also a Reiki level III and a reflexology practitioner at NYC Community Wellness Center. For more information about Crystal go to