Guest Profile

Curtis Ross

Curtis Ross is a world renowned Eco-Lifestyle Consultant and Chef. Born and raised in Trinidad, he traveled and studied throughout Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Chef Ross began learning his craft as a child in Trinidad. Raised in a family of herbalists, his parents encouraged his natural gift to blend spices and create enticing dishes with fresh, organic ingredients. He refined his craft while traveling, learning first hand the intricacies of native cooking techniques. Working alongside the people of the local marketplaces, shops, and restaurants, he immersed himself in the customs and histories that bred these rich, vibrant cuisines. With a philosophy steeped in cultural anthropology, Chef Ross believes that a meal cannot be fully enjoyed without acknowledging the traditions it represents.

For more than a decade, Chef Ross has lived in and traveled throughout the United States and Canada providing personal chef and catering services to corporate clients and high-profile personalities, like Daniel Snyder Owner of Washington Redskins and celebrities like Will Smith and Jada Pincket. In addition, he has given dynamic and instructive cooking demonstrations on local television programs and Whole Foods, sharing his holistic approach to blending food and folklore.