Guest Profile

Cyndi O'Neill-Dady

Cyndi has over 15 years experience as a business relationship marketing strategist. She founded Exceptional Connections® Networking in 2009 out of a deep burning desire to fulfill her I AM statement – I AM an Exceptional Connector!


As the Chief Exceptional Connector, she has become a leader and a person of influence guiding hundreds of business professionals to achieve long term meaningful relationships.


This led her to create and teach an innovative 6 Step process focused on authentic human connections which encourages, educates and empowers people to deepen relationships, inspire change and build trust. Cyndi is fiercely committed to creating nurturing relationship-based environments where business professionals turn connections into powerful advocates, and raving fans.


She is also a contributing author in an audio compilation on Women of Influence.  Cyndi is a true garden tender who is passionate about being an Exceptional Connector, nurturing her network and cultivating a beautiful and nourishing organic garden.