Guest Profile

Daisy Thompson

Daisy Thompson is an energy intuitive, registered Reiki Master, and ARCH practitioner. She also practices Light Weaving, a healing modality that she has learned from her spiritual guides.
Daisy has nurtured her innate awareness of energy, allowing her to see, feel, and hear the flow and balance of energy within all levels of one's being. Using a combination of the healing modalities she has been trained in, she is able to restore balance to the aspects of one's being that need attention, promoting harmony and wellness.
Daisy's clairvoyant ability allows her clients to have an open dialog with their spiritual guides. This dialog allows her and the client to identify issues causing energetic imbalances as well as provide spiritual guidance on how to understand and heal these issues.
Incorporating several different healing modalities, along with active client involvement, Daisy is able to provide very powerful, accelerated healing sessions. In all cases, she ensures that the energy delivered is for the highest good of the client.

Healing sessions with Daisy may be conducted either in person or remote. She is very adept at connecting with individuals, in physical or non-physical form, in distant locations.

Regardless of the modality or methods used, Daisy understands that her sole job as an energy healer is to facilitate the alignment of energies and treat every patient with respect and compassion.