Guest Profile

Dan Howard

Dan Howard is the founder the Intentional Resting Method, an amazingly simple, revolutionary way to reduce stress, enhance healing, calm overworked adrenal glands, experience inner stillness and instantly bring yourself into present moment awareness.
Dan has been written about in "O" the Oprah magazine and other major newspapers and publications on 3 continents. He's shown thousands of people all over the world how they can move from stress to Rest in 30 seconds or less while they're awake. His unique approach to rest has been described as revolutionary by some and Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul said it's "so simple and it works."

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dan maintains a practice where he teaches people how to access more rest in their bodies and weave Intentional Resting into their daily lives for success and healing. Dan's intention is to revolutionize our approach to rest so we can rest while awake and provide an easy tool to use for the rest of our lives. Through teleconferences, public speaking engagements and products, Dan is reaching out to millions of people inviting them into a deeper relationship with themselves through rest.
While hes resting, Dan enjoys riding his mules in the Wasatch Mountains, adventuring with his pack into the back-country and spending time with his delicious grand babies.