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Guest Profile

Daniel Pineau

Daniel Pineau, M.A., is a graduate student at the University of Mississippi currently studying clinical psychology. Daniel began studying general psychology at Southern Illinois University in 2011 and discovered psychology’s emphasis on both research and person-centered health services. He decided that learning how to effectively disseminate mental health information was a path worth being pursued. In order to achieve his goals, he applied in 2015 to the University of Mississippi’s (UofM) PhD program in clinical psychology. Clinical psychology at UofM focuses on evidence-based practices and mental health dissemination both in research and clinical work. As a current trainee in the program, Dan’s research involves working to disseminate evidence-based mental health information including mindfulness, psychoeducation, and diverse outreach seminars to a large college audience. Daniel’s current research looks at how best to provide brief online tools (mindfulness, information about the functions of emotions, etc.) effectively to college students. He will be completing his final year in the program next year and hopes are to continue reaching out through multiple modalities (videos, podcasts, papers) to continue promoting mental health literacy.