Guest Profile

Daniel Rechnitzer

Daniel Rechnitzer is the host of the Podcast “Answers From Within” the Author of “MIND LIES” and “The ALL KNOWING Diary”

The beginning of Daniel’s life was a lot like many others, but with a twist. Whilst his past was full of pressures and extreme circumstances, dealing with financial stress in his family, religious doctrines, and the ever-mounting social pressures to become successful, Daniel knew something profound.

What he knew, he did not understand, nobody did. And, despite being made to feel unintelligent his entire life, Daniel had an ally, a secret that would later in life be the “holy grail” for him and many others.

By the time he was in his early twenties, this ally was making itself known, like a light amongst the darkness. Daniel’s life had hit rock bottom, and he had no choice but to turn inward toward this light and move away from the path society and his family had laid before him. His life – his health – depended on the extraordinary, on something the world around him was yet to fully grasp – Universal Intelligence (Ui).

On this journey, Daniel discovered that he was not failure at all – but a true genius. He had learned how to go beyond the mind into a collective ‘all knowing’ intelligence, a Superconscious which Daniel calls Ui. He soon realized it was his life purpose to share this incredible ability with the world.

Daniel and his wife Sonja founded DiscoverUi, now called Intuition Wisdom Institute, ( a global Personal Development Company with the aim of helping others achieve the extraordinary. IWI teaches people how to use 100% of their brain, moving beyond their limited self-concepts into a limitless genius called “Universal Intelligence.”

IWI conducts Training Courses, Workshops and Events throughout the world and has helped hundreds of thousands to connect to their “Inner Knowing” and transform their lives. Daniel is the creator, along with his wife Sonja of these profound transformational courses including: Boost Your Intuition, Limitless You, Truth Course, Self-Mastery and the flagship Intuition Mastery- Practitioner Training.

Daniel now focuses on answering the “unanswerable”, changing lives all over the world, taking questions that still baffle many of today’s leading experts. Drawing on his inner knowing, Daniel helps people of all walks of life across all areas of life. His secret to tapping into infinite answers is that his journey of self-healing continues every day!

Daniel is a highly regarded Public Speaker, Motivational Trainer and Media personality. After several years teaching in the USA, Daniel, Sonja and their children now live in beautiful Queensland, Australia. To learn from Daniel, attend his FREE Monthly Webinars