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Daniele Franca

Daniele Franca

My name is Daniele Franca, I'm 34 years old mother of 2 boys, 4 and 7 years old.

Two years ago I discovered Dr. Pat on the radio, at that time I was making life more difficult that it really was, didn't know my purpose on life, tired, missing my family in Brazil, broke etc... By listening Dr, Pat every day I gained strength and started to see my world if another eyes and be grateful for what I had, in that mode of gratitude I found what I want to do on life, and I'm happily getting my education.

Why I wanted to win the Holistic Makeover? Part of my purpose is to help people, I know its in my path to do that, and I can do just that with the pay it forward project, I have so many ideas and passion, I just need a little bit of help to move it forward.

At this point in my life nothing really changed except me studying again, but, I choose to shift to a more hopeful and joyful place and sprinkles some gratitude in it, now I know that it is our CHOICE.