Guest Profile

Darlene Jalava

Darlene Jalava, born and raised in Canada, has developed her intuition and people skills from early childhood on. Working in the health care system since the 80's, her frustrations with seeing very little improvements and results on a regular basis in the well-being of her clients turned her towards alternative health methods. Starting in the early 90's with essential oil distribution and environmentally friendly and healthy products she became aware of vibrations and energy's people and products have.

Her studies in Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Reflexology, Nutrition, Massage and Touch For Health has led her to the Yuen Method. As a Certified Yuen Method Master she has found a method that gives her clients the speedy results she had aspired to achieve so many years ago.

As she continues to develop alongside her clients towards mastery in all areas of life, her business, personal growth and well-being continue to improve daily.