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Guest Profile

Dave Markowitz

Dave Markowitz is an author, medical intuitive, channel of Source energy and information, and one of the premier voices of our time in the fields of energy medicine and spirituality. His lectures and conversational-style books gently invite you into his paradigm-shifting understandings of health, prevention, and healing that focus on reversing the underlying causes of pain and illness at the root.

Dave is a frequent speaker at holistic health expos from NYC to LA to the Pacific Northwest, and the former host of the online talk show, Mind-Body Connections. Hes shared the lecture bill with Deepak Chopra, Gary Null, and more. His amiable personality, quick wit, and deep understandings of what it takes to truly heal keeps listeners astutely attuned, informed, and entertained. Dave shares the principles that can lead to peace of mind, joyous living, and an intimate connection with the Divine in a thought-provoking, yet easily-understood format.

He sees clients both in person and by phone, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he hosts monthly Healing Circles, and weekly Power Groups.


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