Guest Profile

David Norec

David Norec is a type 2 diabetic and former teacher

who lost a brother and a sister to diabetes. From these

tragedies, he wrote The Adventures of Exo and Cy. Mr.

Norec has made it his mission to educate children of all

ages about healthy eating and exercise.


The Adventures of Exo and Cy follows Exo and his dog

Cy (exercise) in the town of O.B. City (obesity) where

Mayor Diane Beeties (diabetes) wants everyone to be

unhealthy. In this first book, Mayor Beeties sends Chip

and his menacing bulldog Nacho (potato chips) to steal

everyone's healthy snacks! As Exo and Cy try to stop

them, there are 11 different "EXOCYES" that readers are

encouraged to do along with the characters. Become an

active participant in this interactive book and receive

an exercise workout along the way!