Guest Profile

David Phillips

David Phillips is the founder of Faster Glass, an innovation advisory firm that helps organizations learn and apply the principles of human-centered design to solve complex problems and explore new opportunities. Equal parts educator, facilitator, and instigator, he empowers leaders to strengthen their organization’s innovation capabilities and create a culture that unleashes the ideas and creativity of their people.


Before forming Faster Glass in 2010, David spent six years at Bank of America developing and leading programs at the intersection of Learning, Leadership Development, and Innovation. Prior to his time in financial services, he served in a wide range of capacities in public accounting, public education, and the U.S. Air Force.


David draws on his diversity of experience to approach situations from different perspectives and to enable others to do the same. Based in Charlotte, he also enjoys being a husband, father, musician, and mountain biker, even as he is often reminded of his amateur status in all four endeavors. 

David earned a B.S. in Education (cum laude) from Louisiana Tech University.